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In 1903, the United States and one of the world’s oldest nations, Ethiopia, established a relationship. Emperor Menelik II described the day as “… beginnings of a relationship which will have some place in history”, as quoted in a paper presented by Professor Negussay Ayele of Cornell University, to mark the 100th anniversary of that occasion. The historic relationship is, in this week, to witness a rare event with the first visit of a sitting president of the United States paying a visit to Ethiopia. President Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Ethiopia follows what happens to be his first visit as President, to his father’s homeland, Kenya.

CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett interviewed two journalists, 30-year-old Edom Kassaye and 28-year-old Zelalem Kibret, who were recently released after spending more than a year in prison. They were part of a group of bloggers called Zone 9, six of whom were arrested on terrorism charges after criticizing government policy. Below is a transcript of part of their conversation.

US president, after meeting PM Hailemariam, says political inclusion makes a country "stronger and more successful".

The US president has urged Kenya to hold "visible" trials to tackle corruption, which he said could be the "biggest impediment" to further growth.

Obama has arrived Kenya. A limousine with bullet proof glass nicknamed ‘The Beast’ arrived the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi to pick him up. See more photos after the cut.

(addisfortune editorial): The table of the Revolutionary Democrats seems to be full of issues that need their attention. If one is to go by appearances, it is easy to see that this could be one of the busiest times of their governance. It all relates to the convergence of schedules.

Genzebe Dibaba of Ethiopia ran 3:50.07 for 1500 meters today in Monaco, breaking the 22-year-old world record of 3:50.46 by Qu Yunxia of China, a mark that until this year had been considered invincible.

Genzebe Dibaba further cemented her reputation as one of the best indoor distance runners ever by running 14:18.86 to shatter the 5000-meter world indoor record on Thursday. At the XL Galan meet in Stockholm, Sweden, Dibaba took more than 5 seconds off the previous record of 14:24.37, held by fellow Ethiopian Meseret Defar.

SEATTLE (AP) —The family of an Ethiopian runner who famously won an Olympic marathon barefoot is suing Vibram, the maker of a popular line of minimalist running shoes, saying it used his name without permission.

Tunisia face being banned from the next Africa Cup of Nations after refusing to apologise for accusing the Confederation of African Football (Caf) of cheating.

The Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between Ghana and hosts Equatorial Guinea was described as a "war zone" after play was suspended for more than 30 minutes because of crowd trouble.

At least one of the leading contenders for the Africa Cup of Nations title will be eliminated at the weekend when Algeria meet the Ivory Coast in the quarterfinals.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the business orientation of IT. No longer does IT work in a silo, thinking narrowly in terms of infrastructure and capabilities. The modern IT leader takes a business-first approach to technology decisions: what business strategies, initiatives and practices do we need to empower, and what’s the best way to do it?

(itnewsafrica.com) - Two years ago, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies announced a 35% reimbursement on production costs over three years as an incentive for local electric car manufacturers. Thus far, only Ethiopia and South Africa have attempted to launch electric cars on the African continent, which some have hailed as an environmental victory for both countries. Eskom has already taken delivery of electric cars and installed charging stations at its Head Office and research facility to test the infrastructure demands these cars would place upon the grid. However, against the backdrop of recent power outages, we have to beg the question: does the electric car still have a future in South Africa?

ADDIS ABABA, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Ethiopian banks and microfinance firms are launching mobile money services, helping reach swathes of the population that now have little access to branches or services, the mobile technology providers and banks said.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — When Eyoas Ergetu was a child, he became interested in space science but couldn’t find anywhere to study it. He went on to become a mechanical engineering graduate student at Addis Ababa University, where he studies. And, now 24, he has managed to find an outlet for his thwarted celestial interests, thanks to Ethiopia’s first space observatory, the Entoto Observatory and Research Center.

(CNN) - In Uganda, more than 28 million people in the country are without electricity. To put that into perspective, the entire population of the beautiful landlocked east-central African nation is less than 38 million people.

(CNN) - Kenya has stepped up its efforts to transform 40,000 acres of land into a wind farm, in a bid to meet growing demand for electricity.

The 300 MW Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, which is being developed in the country's North-East, hopes to produce 20% of the country's current installed electricity generating capacity when it comes online in 2016.

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At Addis Ababa airport, visitors are greeted by pictures of golden grains, minute ochre-red seeds and a group of men gathered around a giant pancake. Billboards boast: "Teff: the ultimate gluten-free crop!"

Development economist Owen Barder gives an insight into what the coming five days of plenaries, roundtables and side events will be all about

Ethiopia is one of the African countries that possess the highest number of United Nations Education, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites in Africa, with nine sites spread throughout the whole country, four important national parks, a source of the world's longest river, and sites revered among adherents to Christianity, Islam and Judaism and diverse African traditional societies. Ethiopia has very distinct cultural and historic products based on (a) ancient Axumite civilizations and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; (b) the walled Old City of Harar with its seven gates considered as the fourth holiest city in Islam; (c) as a cradle of civilization, with fossilized evidence of the ancestors of homo sapiens as old as 4.4 million years B.C., and the much more famous Dinknesh, or Lucy.


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